metal detector silver coins

Congratulations to Dan Stevenson from Reading UK who found a nice hoard of Silver Roman Denarius, using his XP Deus.

He said in an interview ” The signal was not perfect but I just had a good feeling about it” I dug down around 10” and recovered some pieces of lead, then checked the hole and heard another signal.

As he pulled another scoop of earth out he could see the Silver coins in the spoil. The signal may have been suspicious because the nails were present in the hole and the coins were orientated in different directions, Dan also noticed signs of burning around the area. Read more here.

Thats how its done, by getting out off of the sofa and doing it. this guy found the treasure of a life time by getting out finding something nobody else has. You can too, visit our site and check out the Metal Detector that fits your hand, and go out and find your treasure.