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We service all of Asia. We have the exclusive dealer license for the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and many more check out the list below where we ship to. Call our officein  the Philippines now to get a quote shipped to your country.+63 947 966 6503



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Where to buy a Metal Detector

Here is a list of countries in Asia we are a dealer for, and we ship to:



·         A

·         Afghanistan, not shipping at this time

·         Armenia

·         Azerbaijan

·         B

·         Bahrain

·         Bangladesh

·         Bhutan

·         Brunei

·         C

·         Cambodia

·         China

·         Cyprus

·         G

·         Georgia

·         I

·         India

·         Indonesia

·         Iran, not shipping at this time

·         Iraq

·         Israel

·         J

·         Japan

·         Jordan

·         K

·         Kazakhstan

·         Kuwait

·         Kyrgyzstan

·         L

·         Laos

·         Lebanon

·         M

·         Malaysia

·         Maldives

·         Mongolia

·         Myanmar (Burma)

·         N

·         Nepal

·         North Korea, not shipping at this time


·         O

·         Oman

·         P

·         Pakistan

·         Palestine

·         Philippines

·         Q

·         Qatar

·         R

·         Russia

·         S

·         Saudi Arabia

·         Singapore

·         South Korea

·         Sri Lanka

·         Syria, not shipping at this time

·         T

·         Taiwan

·         Tajikistan

·         Thailand

·         Timor-Leste

·         Turkey

·         Turkmenistan

·         U

·         United Arab Emirates (UAE)

·         Uzbekistan

·         V

·         Vietnam

·         Y

·         Yemen, , not shipping at this time


Island Mining Supply is a one stop shop for where to buy a metal detector in Asia.

We can ship any of the detectors on our site directly to your country of choice.

All of our metal detectors are of the highest quality and are some of the best in the world from our USA manufactures.



I advise anyone not to buy a cheap detector. A good metal detector is a machine that will do the job and last a long time, it is an investment.

From intrigued a beginner goes to serious, and from serious to addicted, and the reason is, when you buy a quality detector you will find stuff you never thought you would.


The more a detectorist grows their appetite for more profitable sites, more time to be in the field, and in turn better finds. A cheap detector would hardly provide the latter, and a treasure hunter would have to spend more money upgrading to a better machine cheap foreign made detector falls apart and stops working in just a short time, because of the low quality. As an old saying goes, “A stingy person pays twice.”


Today the technology is developing so fast that a number of new models appear on the market, they are like new cell phones.They all have some new features which give them an advantage over previous models.


Metal detectors of a new generation are capable to detect those targets smaller and deeper that have not been detected by machines of older generations. It means that, any given “searched project” site, you will be getting bored while others with advanced machines will be pocketing “goodies”.


If you are not sure whether or not to invest over $1,000 into an advanced metal detector in focus, rent such a metal detector from your local dealer, and try it out for a few days. After you get some feel of the process, it would be easier for you to decide whether you seriously want to pursue the hobby or not.




In the near future, I hope that the engineers will design a metal detector that could be updated every time the leap forward in technology. It would be nice to make it easy if the detector’s design would incorporate some removable electronic boards or microprocessor chips into the control box, that way anyone could modify their metal detector at home. That way a detectorist would be able to continue using the machine to which he/she has already been accustomed; thus, achieving greater results and more success.


Don’t forget that what makes one detector more productive than another is not only the detector’s ability to correctly “recognize” many “difficult” targets, but also is a person who operates it. Choose the most advanced detector you can afford, learn how to use it well, do the hard work, and then you will enjoy the fruitful results. Good luck!


If you want to talk to someone with existence  knowledge with metal detectors, Call our office and talk to our expert so you will know which one to buy. +63 74 244 3920 ask for Jonathan.

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Metal detecting in Indonesia

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